How To Book My Time.


Dear Gentleman!


For screening I usually require at least 2 (TWO) provider's references from established ladies you visited before. Providers MUST have a website and social media. I don't accept references from eroticmonkey's ladies and etc platforms. If you do not have references, please ready to be screened and choose 1)+any TWO of the following:


1) selfie or your photo

2) a copy of your business card

3) website link of your company (where you were owner, contractor etc.)

4) an email from your business account to prove you own your link

5) a copy of your driver's license where you can blur numbers

6) Linkedin account

NOTE: If you are member of: P411, PrivateDelights, TNAboard with more than 5 reviews or Okays, let me know!


I value your discretion and discretionary needs but my safety is my main priority. And screening process is a first important step to meet up. I am showing my open unblured face, so you can see me. And I want to see the face of that person who wants to meet up with me too.


If you don't agree with my rules, my donation and my screening form, I am so sorry, our appointment is impossible.