My rules

The donation for our appointment should be in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. Never make me ask for it. Your donations and gifts are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.
Have your ID available for me to inspect. If you don’t trust me enough to show your ID then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. This is for safety reasons only.
  I don't send my photos and nudes as well. I have my web-page, Twitter, Instagram and Switter social media — there's more than enough of my pics, videos and selfie from my private life and from archive.
Also I don't give permission for the photo- and video shootings of the any processes or my body parts during our meeting.
!!!!! I don't have private paid closed Gallery, Skype, WhatsApp, Onlyfans and Snapchat. Be careful, don't pay anywhere, it's crazy time now with so many fake accounts, especially on Twitter!!!!!
Don't ask me contact via FaceTime— I don't have it and will never do!
Don't ask me to call and talk with you — I don't speak via phone, I especially broke microphone and speaker there.
I don't have Greek visa as I don't like travel to Greek Islands as in that climate I do always have diarrhea, and it doesn't depends of island's size.
I don't meet with people younger than 30 years.

Deposit Policy

Sometimes I might ask you to transfer me deposit in a most convenient (for both us) way to ensure a guaranteed time for our meeting.
Deposit (payment 30% - 50% of meeting duration) can't being postponed or return to you if you cancel our meeting less than 48 hours.  Deposit goes to recovering my mental balance and also for restore my lost trust in you.
If we happy with each others, I won't ask for a deposit.


Cancellation Policy

If I do really trust you a lot, we have seen each other before, and all went great, and I didn't required deposit next time, meanwhile you cancelled or postponed our meeting less than 48 hours before, then cancellation fee will be 50% of booking time. If you cancel or postpone our meeting less than 24 hours, cancellation fee will be 100% of booking time.
If you refuse send me cancellation fee, I will add you to my blacklist and we won't meet ever again.
Please be serious about choosing time and planning of our meeting.

Why I don't answer to you

If I didn't answer, that means, either you're in my blacklist, or you didn’t attentively read my web-page, or you are not serious or not responsible man, and I don't see the point spend my time and answer to you. I understand that in every moment whilst opening my mail with your letter. Also possible that you asking not correct questions as what kind of my donation, or what kind of service and menu I have.
Please keep in mind I'm not a restaurant and I don't have kind of «menu».  And also I'm not a Car service to offer any «service». On the contrary,  I treat like best friends and show only my best sides to the
gentlemen who showing me their good manners and respect.


I also don’t reply to messages with only “Hi” “Hey” “Hey hey” “Hello” “Avlbl?” “Avlbl now?” “Whats up?” “How it’s going?” and one-line messages. I delete it immediately.

Why I don't offer 30 minutes

I was often asked about possibility to find a time to offer half an hour. I'm sorry but I don't meet for only 30 minutes, because it's not my style.
 I don't like be in hurry, and it's more important for me to fullfil you by my energy and give positive mood for a long time.
Also I was often asked «How many roses for 1hr»? The answer is very simple! 7 roses «Benjamin Franklin», 14 roses «Ulysses Grant» or 35 roses «Andrew Jackson».

About threesome

I kindly ask you don't talk with me about possibility meeting with another lady and please don't ask me about if I have friends to join us.
Please don't offer me double or threefold price, because I won't agree for that.
Not everything possible to buy for money, some things are not for sell.
I don't offer threesome and I don't like it. I meet only with men tet-a-tet.
Also I don't participate in noisy group parties and bachelor-parties.

Meeting on the same day

As a rule, I'm busy and creative person, and, besides hobby,  I do always have plans for the nearest days and weeks, and also I have couple of design-projects for its realization. 
My “to do list” is always consist 2 pages. I don't sitting waiting for your call or letter about meeting «right now or today». I rarely do exceptions even for those which I met more than one time.
If you can't plan exact time for our meeting at least before 24 hours, we can't meet unfortunately.
Please respect my time as well, because before meeting I spend minimum 2-3 hours for preparing, make-up, manicure and hairstyle, and I do need some time afterwards.


I'm very friendly and open person and available by email even when I'm on holidays. I gladly give good references to friends who were kind and gentle to me.
That's why, dear Gentlemen, don't use take for granted my kindness too much, and please treat also other Ladies seriously and respectfully.
But if at the same time (or in several days) I will get  email with 2 or 3 requests to your name from other ladies, I won't give you good references as you don't appreciate our time.